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Update 31st December 2018


Our little Foxy has had a litter of 2 black puppies, photos below. 

1 black male puppy will be offered for sale at $3000.


 These puppies will be sold on Limited Register with DogsNSW and my puppies are priced from $3000.

Please read to the bottom of this page for more information on my puppies and poodles.

No phone calls after 7pm please.

I raise my puppies in the house for maximum care & socialisation. All my breeding dogs are sound and healthy & are PRA PRCD Clear. Patellas are checked every 12 months by my vet. In July 2018 I took my breeding age poodles to a Veterinary Opthalmologist for ACES Testing where they are checked for other eye diseases and all were Clear for all diseases tested. 

Sadly no breeder can guarantee a healthy poodle after it leaves their care, although all responsible breeders hope this will happen as they love their dogs and want every puppy buyer to have a perfect puppy. We can only breed with health tested, sound, & happy poodles and hope the progeny are the same. There are so many health problems in all breeds that cannot be tested for, so there is no way a health guarantee can be given.

I am able to offer 6 weeks free Pet Insurance through Petplan.

All puppies are Vet Checked, Microchipped & vaccinated at 6 weeks and have their dew claws removed by the vet at around 7 days old.

In general puppies are offered to 'Pet Only' appoved homes where I do expect the puppy to be desexed.

If you are interested in a puppy for the show ring please phone so we can have a talk.


Something all buyers of Red or Brown Poodle puppies should be aware is that these colours will lighten to some degree as the dog matures. The amount of white/light hairs through the coat will depend on the genetics behind the dog.  If you look through the pages on my website you will see photos of my brown poodle Tiger Lily as a puppy & also as an adult (2yo). There are numerous photos of mature red poodles.


Important facts about buying a poodle puppy from a Registered Breeder

Limited Registration means you have bought a well bred poodle but it cannot be bred from or shown. 

Limited Register Pets can compete in obedience or agility. Main Registration means you can breed from or show the puppy.

In NSW All puppies must be microchipped before sale.

All puppies should also be vaccinated at least 2 weeks before leaving for their new home.

The parents of your puppy should have been DNA tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrohpy, if affected they can go blind) as long as one of the parents is a PRCD Pattern A or CLEAR your puppy will not be affected by this form of PRA.

The parents should also have regular vet checks for Luxating Patella. Luxating Patella can be caused by environment or genetics. Toy Poodles are generally an energetic breed, who will ,if allowed, jump on the lounge & other furniture and run up and down stairs. This sort of behaviour can cause damage to the ligaments that hold the patella is place.  

If you decide to buy your puppy from Firefly and the puppy is under 8 weeks of age I will send you photos of the puppy and ask for you to place a holding deposit on the puppy. If you decide the puppy is perfect for you and I also decide that you may have one of my puppies he/she can go home with you after 8 weeks of age when the balance is paid in full, I do recommend that within 7 days of purchasing your puppy you have your puppy checked by the vet. 

I reserve the right to withdraw a puppy from sale at any stage or change the price of a puppy offered for sale at any time before a deposit has been paid. 

Deposits are non-refundable if the buyer changes their mind.





Puppies 11th January


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