"DYGAE" - Australia - breeding Champion WELSH CORGIS since 1962 

Welcome to DYGAE Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have been a way of life here at DYGAE since 1962 during which time we are proud of our contribution, in company with many other dedicated breeders, to the continued development and the world renowned quality inherent in the modern Pembroke Corgi here in Australia today.

It will take TIME

 ************  so many photographs and pedigrees to research  ************

but hopefully this Web Site will become a lasting legacy to my original Pembrokes and offer today's newer breeders some assistance in planning for the future.

I am pictured above in a portrait by famous Japanese Photographer "TETSU"  with
Australian Champion DYGAE TRUE STAR 
representing the new generation of DYGAE Pemboke Corgis with natural undocked TAILS.


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Diane Baillie
Mt Eliza 3930, VIC, Australia
Phone : 61 (0) 3 97872797
Email : [email protected]

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